Since being handed the keys to take over Fullarton Chiropractic in 2017, I’ve looked to incredible women for inspiration and support.

That’s why on International Women’s Day, I want to celebrate six who have made a particularly special impact on me as I’ve tried to build my business, be the best boss and chiropractor I can be, and continue on my own journey to move and feel better.

Steph – founder of Kali Collective.

My 1st yoga teacher. She’s one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met. She’s spent over 1,000 hours training to be the best yoga teacher she can be. What inspires me about her is her ability to continue to ask questions, about herself and others, and to continue to learn. She also lives and breathes what she does. Yoga is a huge part of her life and it shows. I’m also so impressed by her bravery in building her business in a new country.



Debbie – founder of Move Studios.

My cheerleader. She’s built an incredible community
that connects people and empowers them to have fun and be herself. As much of an impact as Move’s classes have had on the community, both physically and mentally, her biggest impact has been in making me believe what’s possible. She took a leap to start her business and she’s encouraged me every step of the way with my own. She’s so generous with the time and enthusiasm she gives others to help them
believe in what they can achieve.


Gayle – founder of Inverted G.

My movement coach At the age of 35, she taught herself to balance on her hands.Her own story is inspiring enough, especially given how raw she is in sharing it, but what’s been more impactful is how she treats others. She’s such a special person who is entirely focussed on helping others move more consciously. I am so grateful for her and her energy. She’s changed my approach to movement, and how I care for and interact with patients.





Lyndsey – founder of Strong Like a Mutha.

My personal trainer. Rather than focus on just strength,
or just flexibility, Lyndsey brings everything together incorporating dance, yoga and strength into her training. But what’s even more valuable than her knowledge is her approach. She treats everyone with genuine care and has created a supportive, empowering environment. Many women can be intimidated by the gym, especially when returning after a pregnancy. I’ve learned from her ability to make people feel right at home, regardless of their reservations.



Jenny – founder of Mellow Mammas Yoga.

My business mentor. I’m a chiropractor. I believe I’m a very good one. But Jenny made me truly believe I could be so much more than that. She has taught me to see the bigger picture, and in doing so, has transformed how I lead myself and my business. Alongside the team at Lululemon, she has helped to develop anecosystem of fitness and wellness entrepreneurs who support each other and celebrate each other’s success. I’m proud to be part of it.


Katrino – founder of Yogi Oils – my guide in the wild. 

I love everything about my job, but if I could change just one thing it would be to carve out more time to spend in nature.  There’s something about being outside that just feels right, and I’m always fascinated by it what has to offer. From the moment I first met Katrino, I was struck by her deep passion for discovering the untapped potential of the natural world to make us feel better. She has such an infectious enthusiasm for the wild, plants and adventure and her innate curiosity is inspirational. Watching Yogi Oils grow has been very inspiring and this year we will be working together on her first ever yoga retreat… watch this space! 


Who are the women who’ve inspired you to move, feel and be better? #IWD2020 #EachforEqual

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