No matter your lifestyle, connecting efficient movement to exercise or daily function is the key to freedom and to helping you reach your own health goals. 

Incorporating regular exercise and movement – in any form – will pay dividends in the short and long term. If you’re determined to stay healthy and strong, it’s vital to create good habits that fit with your work and leisure schedule: this may involve a regular chiropractic adjustment, yoga, massage, postural adjustments throughout the day, varying your exercises or workouts or increasing your flexibility.

We assess your functional movement and every aspect of your body’s performance. For example, if you spend a long time sitting at a computer, driving or travelling, combat that with frequent movement breaks. Good movement can improve everything from memory and sleep to digestion, blood pressure and weight management. Research shows we are not helping ourselves now we have adopted more sedentary lifestyles and subsequently come away from the natural movements of the human body.  Those who participate in regular physical activity display ‘more desirable outcomes in various aspects of general health.’  (1)

Make a move to feel better now.
At Connected, we offer personal and tailored sessions to improve the quality of movement in your life. We can also advise on your desk set up in the office or at home, nutrition and hydration.

After a one on one consultation, you’ll be given personalised advice which you can record on your phone or tablet to refer to and track results.

Here is a list of our sessions available to you:
Please note all come under the same heading of a one to one movement consultation and will be specific to you. 

Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention
Functional movement assessment to understand how well you are moving, sitting and exercising. The focus can be on rehabilitation from a current injury and issue or prevention of further issues in the sport/movement habits you are choosing to do. This provides the framework upon which a practical and personal programme can be designed to help improve or change how you move and build confidence in your body again.

Health and Fitness
Improve strength, flexibility and confidence that your personal exercise programme will help you achieve your own fitness goals – whether it is competing in your sport or simply enjoying some time in your garden and home without worrying. Following a functional movement assessment we can provide a personal plan with advice. With good movement techniques established, we can progress to a programme designed and tailored to fit your body and lifestyle.

One to one yoga
Complete beginner to intermediate improver.

Learn the best Yoga practice for your body.

This is not about achieving extreme poses, it is a method of connecting breath, mind and body to help you move better and improve flexibility.

Wellbeing and Stress Management 
Understand the mechanics of stress and its physical impact on daily life and mental health.

Learn simple techniques to help you manage the stress you are exposed to or experiencing.

Build and develop a personal toolkit to manage and minimise your response to stress and optimise your wellbeing.

Just remember, it’s all about getting the right FITT for your body and lifestyle:

  • Frequency: create an achievable frequency 
  • Intensity: understand the intensity that is both safe and sustainable 
  • Time: train smart not long
  • Type: learn the best movements and exercise for you and your goals.

When you come to Connected for your consultation, bring water, wear loose/comfortable clothing and expect your session to last 45 minutes.

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1. Penedo, Frank Ja; Dahn, Jason Ra,b Exercise and well-being: a review of mental and physical health benefits associated with physical activity, Current Opinion in Psychiatry: March 2005 – Volume 18 – Issue 2 – p 189-193 

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