Keeping active and getting your body moving is the key to a healthy, happy life. Getting back into your favourite sport after a golfing injury or even just some time off can be daunting. How am I supposed to warm up? How can I avoid getting injured again? When it comes to golf, there are so many questions. 

We’ve put together this handy list of things to consider before returning to play golf, including our top tips for avoiding injury again. 


Don’t skip the warm up


It can be tempting to feel like no time has passed and you’ll be able to get right back out there. Don’t do this. It’s vital that we warm up our bodies, engaging the muscles and spine before rotating to play golf. Golf is a complex sport and requires a lot of coordination between brain and body. It is so important to warm up your body and prepare your nervous system for what you are about to ask it to do for 18 holes. 


How to warm up for golf


In the past, you might have done a few quick stretches club in hand before kicking off your round. We often refer to this as a traditional warm up, here’s why you should avoid this.

  1. You’re probably not warming up the muscles you need for golf
  2. You might not be spending the right amount of time warming up, meaning you’re not ready to go until the 4th hole. Which is bad for your body and your handicap. 


Opt for a dynamic golf warmup instead


So, what is a dynamic warm up? Well, it’s a set of stretches that warm up every muscle and joint you’ll need for your round of golf. From your shoulders and neck to your hips and hamstrings – you’ll be ready to perform and avoid a golfing injury. 

Here is a handy video with stretches we recommend before playing golf.




Are you ready to come back? Have you fully healed?


If you are returning from a golfing injury or you’ve been off the course for a while, ask yourself if now is the time to come back. Playing on an injury that is not yet fully recovered could set back your progress or lead to a further injury. 

You’ll know when you are ready to return by listening to your body and taking things slowly. 


Top tips for avoiding injury


  • Warm up for 5 to 10 minutes before teeing off
  • Use dynamic stretches to warm up that get different parts of your body moving at the same time
  • Take it slow – there is no rush


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