With so many changes to our everyday life, it can be difficult to keep track of which rules are which. And when it comes to preparing for your chiropractic or massage appointment, we’ve implemented a few covid measures to keep everyone safe. 

With lockdown coming to an end soon, we’re gearing up to welcome you back for massage appointments from April 26th. With this in mind, we thought we’d run you through our covid measures and how you can prepare for your chiropractic or massage appointment with us.

We can’t wait to have you all back in the clinic. 


Fill in your pre-appointment Covid survey

When you book in with us, either via our website or over the phone, we’ll send you a confirmation email. Your email will tell you the date and time of your appointment and you may have to fill in an intake form for the chiropractor or massage therapist. You will also be emailed to  fill in a pre-appointment COVID-19 survey. 

The survey will include questions about your known covid status. We ask that you answer these questions to the best of your ability.

Once you’ve got your date in the diary, you can relax and think about getting prepared for the day itself.

Face coverings

Secondly, we’ll ask you to wear a face covering to your appointment. This point may seem obvious as we’ve all had to get used to wearing masks for nearly a year now, but please remember to wear your facemask to your appointment. However, we do have a few single-use facemasks just in case you forget. 

Keeping in line with official government guidelines, we’ll be wearing them too. These covid measures ensure we can keep you and our staff safe. 


Temperature check on arrival

Another important thing to remember is to show up as close to your appointment time as possible. This helps us to limit the number of people in the reception area at one time to keep everyone safe. 

When you arrive, we’ll check your temperature quickly by getting you to roll up your sleeve. You won’t feel a thing and this extra check helps us to keep you and our staff safe. 

We know now that many people infected with Covid-19 don’t show any symptoms and may not know they have the virus. A swift temperature check helps us reduce our chances of spreading  any unknown infection. 


Regular hand washing

In addition to the steps outlined above, we also keep on top of our hand hygiene with regular hand washing. There is also hand sanitiser throughout the clinic for your use – but we’re sure you’re used to this by now.


Regular cleaning and sanitation

On top of regular hand washing, we’re also taking extra care to regularly clean and sanitize all spaces in the clinic. From door handles to card machines and other places we touch on a daily basis, we’re wiping everything down more regularly to kill germs and reduce the risk of spreading covid. 

We’re sure you’re used to these extra precautions that have become a part of our everyday lives over the past year. But we hope this makes you feel at ease about returning to the clinic for your next appointment. 

Keeping you and our staff safe is a top priority for us and so we’ve taken every precaution necessary to make our premises as covid-secure as possible. 

Like all businesses who have had to close or limit their service, we’re thrilled to see case numbers low enough to allow us to open back up again. We can’t wait to welcome you all again for massage appointments and eventually yoga too. 

To book your next massage appointment, just get in touch. And for more up to date information about our covid measures, follow us on Instagram

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