Explaining the mind-body connection

The mind and body are two things often spoken in tandem with one another in both a medical and psychological sense.

It’s strongly believed that there is an intimate connection between the two aspects of our lives, that what happens to our body has an influence on the brain and vice versa.

But just what is this mind-body connection? And moreover, what does it actually mean?

For a definition, the mind-body connection is understood to be the connection of aspects of our emotional make-up – things like our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes – and the potential positive or negative effects they have on our biological selves and functions. 

Physical and mental health is intertwined, with your physical conditions influenced by your feelings, thoughts, behaviour, and so on. The theory takes into consideration your mental wellbeing alongside that of your physical as the two often overlap and, by understanding both equally, can help provide more effective, bespoke medical care. 

An individual’s collective mind, body and emotional health can all impact their experience of physical pain. As such, many consider the mind-body connection has a potential theory of healing that works on a number of various conditions. It is also thought to be an under-explored area in terms of pain-management too.

Much of modern medicine had forgotten more ancient approaches to the psychological aspects of our wellbeing to concentrate more on bodily matters, but whereas we used to keep the mind and body as separate entities, now they overlap and can provide more considerable results when understood together. 

When it comes to chiropractic care, understanding one’s mental wellbeing can be just as important as recognising and treating their physical pain. 

As such, at Connected Chiropractic, we place a big emphasis on the mind-body connection in our care programmes, understanding and acknowledging its power to heal both the body and mind through careful and precise chiropractic care. 

Chiropractic care takes into consideration the impact of modern living that can result in feelings of mental stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression that may have just as much of an effect on your physical pain as picking up a sporting injury or maintaining a consistent bad posture at work. 

A patient’s emotional livelihood is an important factor in their overall physical wellbeing. Anything from relationship troubles, to work-related worries, or grieving, can have an impact on your physical health. 

For example, lower back pain is often associated with having poor posture, but can also be the result of stress. While we could simply focus on the physical aspect of your pain, taking into consideration the mental aspect instead offers us a clearer way of treating and managing your pain more effectively.

Chiropractic care takes both mind and body concerns seriously and can help to alleviate stress. But we also recommend massage therapy too – which is proven to ease feelings of stress and anxiety while also relaxing your body and healing your muscles. 

Understanding the mind-body connection opens up new angles for our understanding of your pains, cramps and lack of comfort, giving us a better window providing you with the best, bespoke chiropractic care. 

With the year we’ve all had so far, to concentrate on the mind as well as the body is really important to help keep both our mental and physical health in check.

Just as I do for my clients, I take time to check-in on my mental wellbeing through mindfulness practice, monitoring my nutrition and keeping myself moving to keep my mind-body connection happy.

Doing the things that I love are big factors in maintaining my mental wellbeing, from spending time with my family, exercising and getting outdoors, into the hills or swimming in the sea.  

Understanding my own mind-body connection means that I better understand my clients’ too, and ensure that I’m helping our community through chiropractic care.

Our Chiropractic Centre offers Chiropractic and Massage services, as well as consultation and advice for general health and wellness. Our approach considers the mind and body to improve the overall lifestyle of our patients.

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