It’s time for a change…

In early 2015, while still a student I first walked through the doors at Fullarton Chiropractic, to shadow the owners Penny and Don. They couldn’t have been more patient and generous with their time. I learned a lot about how to truly care for clients, help them feel better and live better. Not every clinic owner treats students that way.

In July 2015, after graduation, I joined Fullarton Chiropractic as a full time practitioner. It was amazing to have my first job at a clinic which was so in line with my values. I learnt a lot about how to run a business which put clients first. These were lessons I still turn to today and I can’t thank them enough for building the foundations of a clinic I’m very proud of.

In 2016, Don and Penny Fullarton announced they were moving to America, and selling the clinic. They gave me the opportunity to buy it. It was scary and there was a little part of me which thought I wasn’t ready. But I knew if I didn’t take up this opportunity I’d regret it. It felt right. I was so happy and I felt part of the community. If I didn’t buy the clinic, would I ever find another one like it. So I made a big step, and I bought it.

When I bought Fullarton Chiropractic in May 2017, I kept the name. The Fullartons had such a wonderful reputation and I didn’t want to confuse clients and the community. They created something special, and I’ve been proud to live up to my responsibility to carry on their good work in the years since. But now, I’ve grown as both a chiropractor and a business owner, and I feel the business has evolved as well. That’s why, as of this month, Fullarton Chiropractic will take on a new identity. I’ve deliberated over this for a long time, but I feel now is the right time for a new beginning.



Fullarton Chiropractic has proudly served the West of Scotland for more than 20 years. Now, we’ll continue to provide the amazing service to our community, but with a new name and brand. I hope you like it!


Introducing… Connected Chiropractic


I hope everyone likes our new brand as much as I do. Plenty of names were thrown in the mix (and we had plenty of time to think about them during Lockdown!) but Connected just felt…right. That’s everything our clinic is. We’re connected to our clients and our community. The services we provide , chiropractic, massage and movement, are all connected. The body and mind are connected and by helping you to move better, and by truly listening to your goals, we can help you feel better.


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